im still alive.

non image post. cause ive got no time to doodle much these days. im feeling left out. ): yesterday was the FF13 English Version international launch.. and i dont even have a ps3 yet.. ): God of War 3 is coming out next week.. and i dont even have a ps3 yet.. ): bah.

a bee on a log.

had a strange thought earlier while driving home.. what makes you want to be friends with someone? what is it that drives you to keep in touch and just talk to someone? what makes people want to be your friend? or vice versa? anyway. its a bee on a log.

Dragonball Z and a Little Trivia

Nothing beats the manga. Heres a little bit of Dragonball Z trivia for you. Goku and Gohan were the only two Super Saiyan to have “Normal” eyes in Super Saiyan mode. Normal eyes This happened during their training for their fight with Cell. Other times Super Saiyan have Angry eyes.  Angry eyes I personally like […]