for IF. based extremely loosely on the ‘robots’ in Neon Genesis Evangelion..  technically they are robots.. because you have to pilot them.. but then again they arent exactly robots? :b a simple doodle just to make a post.. >__

spana king

happy belated birthday hing. (: was looking for something to draw today, and couldnt load IF.. so i just did what i usually do.. start with a few scribbles.. and i ended up with this. Spana King. probably took me about 4 hours? had to do some tweaking.. (: no colours. i cant colour to […]


illustration friday.. a spring in my step. wishing someone would come along and put that spring in my step.. (: and maybe bring me herbal tea? right now.. just wishing. ^^ on a more technical note, was practicing the perspective.. hmm.. for colouring i tried doing it the way i do with markers.. messy. haha. […]


swafsasome. the first word that came out my mouth after i saw what digidoll had done. shes like the fairy godmother in cinderella. with a wave of her wand she turned my skrawny mouse picture into a picasso. owned. it looks so defined now… thanks digi! ^_^

starting over again..

this was done for illustration friday. its a cool website that gives a topic every friday and anyone can draw or design something based on that word. (: anyhoo, welcome. (: this is the umpteenth time im saying welcome again to my blog@website@comic :b this site will change over the months to come until i […]