point of view.


a friend sent me an email today. it was entitled “Where theres a will theres a way..” it contained multiple shots of a snail trying to cross a gap..

that got me thinking.. well, its a snail. its got all the time in the world.. if i had all the time in the world. i could probably find a cure for cancer or something. no offence.. but sometimes i dont really see the glass half full. :b

installation night is 3 days away.. *sweat* the tension is building.. loads of crap still not done. but i think it will all work out eventually. (: i got faith. either that or im ignorant. :b but i prefer the former.

this is kinda officially the first strip. no colour cuz im a disabled person. more on that topic another day. its late, i mean. early and i have a class at 8. woot. (:

*edit* hrm. cant get the image to show full size. will have to work on that. :b

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