illustration friday.. a spring in my step.
wishing someone would come along and put that spring in my step.. (: and maybe bring me herbal tea? :D
right now.. just wishing. ^^
on a more technical note, was practicing the perspective.. hmm.. for colouring i tried doing it the way i do with markers.. messy. haha. >_<;; only because i am that lazy.. :b i dont know how to draw clouds. plus im colourblind anyway. :b
mm.. midsem week. ive got no midsems. i do have assignments which are piling up tho.. >_<;;

9 thoughts on “spring..

  1. hey how are you doing, i was looking at ur pictures and they are great!!…..i draw my self i never learned from no1 guess born with it. do you draw them from your imagination or you draw them from books and stuff just wondering cause i cant seem to draw anything without having something there for me to draw i have to see it to draw it don’t know if that’s weird or not but i though I’ll ask you since you draw. Thank you!
    James Hare Jr.

  2. hey thanks for dropping by. (:

    well i guess i draw from imagination. i usually dont have any references when i draw.

    i dont know if thats a disadvantage if u cannot draw without a reference. but you should try drawing without too much reference. that way u get more of your own creations. just my 2cents.

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