1 year and 7 days

ago i did this drawing.


didn’t get around to inking it.. felt abit sad. now ive got a borrowed scanner i can keep it and ink it with photoshop. :D click for a slightly larger version.
used some references. its the scene where kakashi tests the 3 friends sasuke naruto and sakura by the lake. (: its amazing after 1 year i can still look back at this piece and think it looks great. kinda shows how much i like this piece. (: i think its good. hehe. ^^

if ure wondering why my signature is different its cause back then i was using this signature. didnt last very long though. :b

5 thoughts on “1 year and 7 days

  1. hey man!
    how ru la!!
    nice pics man!!
    i wonder why are u doing in business faculty?? u cud enter the one academy or something..hehe..:p..well but wad ever is comfortable for u la! all the best man!

    take care!
    hope to see u soon!:P

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