Triple Kill!


ironman! drawn while waiting for my baby in library. done in pencils inks and prismacolours


my impression of Jason Lo, after the force of nature concert last saturday.. just couldnt help imagining him jumping off that stage being the fat fella he is.. >_< done in pencils inks and prismacolours


drawing of a pink smurf for my baby. (: done in photoshop.

9 thoughts on “Triple Kill!

  1. it is suppose to be a girl in smurf clothes.

    pink smurf = me. :p *siao* hee hee. thanks bu! its gorgeous! remember not to throw away the originals! am gonna bring them to UK! :D

  2. holy crap you made Lo a balloon! Damn now if we could only get him to look at your webbie. maybe I’ll forward your site to 8TV and ask them to contact Lo or sth. hilarious shit..

    nice iron man. skinny. but nice. :D

    dude u gotta teach me how to draw lidat in photoshop weh

  3. Oh God! I think that Ironman needs to lighten up….is he a cartoon character or something?

    BTW, lovely pic of Sher! really fits her…princess smurf!

  4. of course i wont throw them away.. not intentionally tho. :b they’re still in my bag. (:

    hy: thanks man.. haha.. i dont know if he would really like that picture. >_<;;

    teach u? haha.. sure thing. (:

    christy: ironman is a comicbook character. (: thanks! ehe

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