ah.. long time no updatey. (: i love the cool lighting effects around the soldier. started out as a sketch and to practice inking. i got the urge to practice after i saw how Gabe from penny arcade does it. awesome stuff. i curi-ed the lighting effect and the shadow style from gabe as well. :x click here for the linky to his blog which shows his awesome stuff.
imitation is the highest form of flattery. :D

done in photoshop. roughly 4 hours of work. sketch ink and colour.

not bad eh? if i should say so myself. (:

pardon the image size. i forgot that this thing only has a max width of 500 px. :b

p.s. dont worry LC. i’ll get ure comic up sooner or later. :b

3 thoughts on “Soldier

  1. yes i’m here to fill ur pgviews to 2000. and yes i do drive despite what you might think wif ur artistic lil brain.
    yes yes impressive art. yes yes c00l lighting effects… thief. :D
    hate me. mwahhahah.

  2. everyone loved this design i showed them to bu! jason was like, ‘dun bluff! he freaking drew this?!’ :D so proud of you! your work is improving tremendously. ;p

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