8 thoughts on “aih.

  1. thanks everyone for the well wishes. (:

    i should be back in action in a month.. (:
    ive got loads of plans and ideas.. ^^


    ps. i was too kiamsiap to do the operation so i just got the cast done. i had two options, to get a cast, or to insert a small plate into my hand.

    cast = cheaper, longer healing time, may have slight deformity in hand shape, no cutting.

    operation = very much more expensive (as i had found out today.. cast = RM100, operation = RM5000.. ) guarenteed straight hand, 1 week to heal, cutting of my hand.

    yea. im a little scared about my going under the knife no matter how big. :b

    Fun Fact #42. Henn Wei’s left hand typing skill is quite impressive. :b i can probably hit about 15-20 wpm. haha.. thts faster than most newbies. :D

    anyway. enjoy.

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