Shall We Dance?

I say dear chap. shall we dance?

simple sketch in photoshop.

i got a permanant job (: will be working beginning next week. whew. suddenly i think its way too soon to start. but hey, what better time than now. what better place than here. i think thats a song. :b

chinese new year is coming up. card isnt ready. o_o lots of things to do. lots of things to do. >_< work isnt going to help. :b


9 thoughts on “Shall We Dance?

  1. Nice 1 la.. So long never visit this site d.. but u upload so little.. haha.. Working where a? Msged u in MSN never reply wun…

  2. i know u trying for one shoulder forward boxing kinda pose…. but i think the size difference in the forearms is a bit too much

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