artists block

ugh. artists block sucks.

was sketching a spawn yesterday night. 1 1/2 hrs into it the power cuts. kns. no saves. =_=;;
today dad warns me as he walks up the stairs “better save yea.” crap he’s right.

6 thoughts on “artists block

  1. HAHAHA! ur dad so cute.
    I thought you were going to continue on your previous drawing? what happened?

    and why are all ur warriors so thin, sah. -_-
    imagining its you is it? HAHA! :D

  2. pop: ahh.. yea after sitting down in front of the pc for 1 1/2 hrs doodling stuff i finally got down to drawing something. >_<

    sher: how to continue. no more already.. gone with the powercut. ):

    med: photoshop got background save? fuah. i need to turn that on man. haha. the sword not really clouds. haha. just added lubang for fun. (:

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