there is only war…

finally. a spacemarine. tribute to the god emperor.

Adeptus Astartes

finally. after many many weeks of procrastinating, im done.. ~_~

The Adeptus Astartes.  Heroes of the Imperium.  Each one stronger than a hundred men.  Gene-enhanced and trained to perfection.

They are gods amongst men.

17 thoughts on “there is only war…

  1. Hey,

    If you’re not too busy, I’d like to take a moment to chat with you about some of the stuff you’ve drawn. So you don’t get phished and all sorts of ugly spam, send an e-mail to my address which you should have from the comment.

    Look forward to talking with you :)


  2. Nathan> Sure thing bro. Already emailed u. (:

    med> yea man. still WIP. (: putting quite alot of effort into this. so hope it comes out good. (:

  3. what if he itched? what if he itched in his crotch?

    damn his collar looks huge… a bee could fly in…. now we wouldn’t want that would we.

    okok so my sense of art is a little distorted you get it….

    while i’m at it, it seems he’s got a loin cloth in place of a groin guard so that he can pee anytime…..or it would help ventilate (which solves the rotten bakkutteh thingy)

  4. LC: how does rotten BKT smell like? o_O?

    HY: thats an interesting question. probably jump around i guess.. haha..

    the loincloth is a style thing. like wearing shades at night. totally useless, but is supposed to make you look cool.

  5. hahaha..come to think of it..the cigar looks a lil small..somehow…at a glance…it may look like he is using a toothpick ;)

  6. termz: its a plasma type weapon. :b i got an accurate reference picture. only slightly modified without the cables running out to the back..

    med: aha.. thats cause hes huge. over 2m tall. thats why his cigar is tiny. (:

  7. pardon me but he looks like he belongs to star craft or some Japanese manga more than our grim ol warhammer universe

    which makes me wonder… what will a champion of chaos look like then?

    the ultramarines(not yours but them in general) are wayyy too stiff, for a howling good time, it can only be with the space wolfs =)

    -Blessed be the mind too small to doubt-

  8. John>
    id like to believe my art is mangafied. >_< if ure interested in what a chaos space marine will look like, keep tuning in. >_o

    the ultramarines may be stiff but they are the most recognized. :D

    if your gun is bigger than that ure probably overcompensating for something. (:

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