Autobots, Transform, and Roll Out!

optimus prime

Traditional medium. Mmm.. havent done one like this in ages.. fun. (:
Transformers the movie is coming out next week. Am abit bummed that they arent using the original designs, but i saw a review give it five stars and an exclamation mark. lol.

12 thoughts on “Autobots, Transform, and Roll Out!

  1. yea the use of new designs will confuse even the most devoted fans..

    megatron looks like a giant cockroach… inclusive of feelers, mandibles and other various pointy parts. no heart left to look at how the others have been changed…

    starscream had better argue with megatron at lest once in the movie… and get blasted by an annoyed megatron at once too in the movie =)

    that would make it all worth it

  2. optimus prime

    well…original designs would be fine for cartoon but might not blend with real environment in the movie…the thing that i dun really like is megatron..he is an alien spaceship?!?! and bumblebee…not a beetle

    still..cant wait to watch it though ;)

  3. hehe, just think about it.

    Michael Bay: Alright, let’s get this thing going! Megatron. Villain Boss…. what does he do btw?

    Guy with Transformers Literature: Uhm….lessee…..he can change into a gun and let someone use him.

    Michael Bay: ………hahahahahhaha. No, seriously.

  4. transformers out today! !@#$%!!

    Heard tickets were impossible to get everywhere.. o_o

    bought my tickets on monday for FRIDAY… thursday was sold out. wth.
    the movie is selling like hott cakes. i wonder if its gonna beat spiderman3… which btw was teh suck.

    i guess i didnt like the new designs for the transformers when they released the early shots of optimus with the sad looking eyebrows. plus the fire look.. bleh.. not too cool. and optimus looks kinda skinny. not as inspiring as the cartoon design. :b

    bumble bee not a VW? another letdown..

    at least the animation is sharp. the amount of moving parts on screen just for the walking motion is mind blowing.. woo..

    lets just hope it doesnt turn into another AVP. :b

    *fingers crossed*

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