did this on photoshop. met some really cool people and some really cool kids last saturday. lets see where it goes. shoutouts to Young Leaders International and bombshelter studios and their friends. (:

13 thoughts on “ks.

  1. that’s like an excuse to say that it’ll happen anyway and it wont be your fault. tsktsk dun bluff pinksmurf laaa

    btw yea like your freehand drawings more. eh do a rattatouille thing la. in the spirit of the season. gwehehehhehe

  2. bluffing? who? me? *innocence*

    you cant help these kinda things. its what you would call an alright side effect. (;

    so the freehand is better? hm.. orites. :b

    rattatouille thing? what season would that be? the movie’s good btw. but that linguini is annoying as heck. :b

    woot bombshelter! :D

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