of life and death.

my pc is dead. it just decided to give up on my two days ago. at first it wouldn’t detect the HDD. Kept giving me a disc boot error please insert system disc. okay. i fiddle inside and jiggle bits. finally i mess around the BIOS and manage to get my HDD to respond again. Everything looks good up until i login to windows. Bang. my favourite colour screen appears.

after that. no amount of CPR would resuscitate her. *sniff*

am currently using a laptop with, drumroll please… *badadrrrruumm* two hundred and fifty six MEGABYTES of memory!

Hurrah! theres no way photoshop is going to run on this thing. looks like i’ll have to write my way through these few weeks until i can get my pc back into working order. Or get some ram for this thing. Either way. i think its about time to pimp up this baby.

someone get my pc on this show! http://www.extremepcgarage.com/

tata for now. (:

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