this is about me. im the author/artist. im malaysian. im 21 22 23 24 now. still in finally done with college/uni. i work in a bank design studio.
my hobbies are.. drawing. :b reading. blah.
i heart manga. i also heart music. eg. rock. i am a semi audiophile. i have a thing for headphones. *drool* i also have a thing for drawing utensils. pencils, pens, markers. >_<

i heart video games. video games are cool. (;
i heart my lil baebee. (:

thanks for stopping by. hope you come back again.. and again.. and again.. and again.. >_o

4 thoughts on “About

  1. hey. real cool stuff… malaysian here too so im just for sum reason happy that ur too. he he. (m’sian pride?) but not really msia boleh… nehow. luv ur work. n hope il get a chance to do some research on u/ur work for me art.
    ciao~ >.<

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