of life and death.

my pc is dead. it just decided to give up on my two days ago. at first it wouldn’t detect the HDD. Kept giving me a disc boot error please insert system disc. okay. i fiddle inside and jiggle bits. finally i mess around the BIOS and manage to get my HDD to respond again. […]


did this on photoshop. met some really cool people and some really cool kids last saturday. lets see where it goes. shoutouts to Young Leaders International and bombshelter studios and their friends. (:

there is only war…

finally. a spacemarine. tribute to the god emperor. [edit] finally. after many many weeks of procrastinating, im done.. ~_~ [/edit] The Adeptus Astartes.  Heroes of the Imperium.  Each one stronger than a hundred men.  Gene-enhanced and trained to perfection. They are gods amongst men.

artists block

ugh. artists block sucks. was sketching a spawn yesterday night. 1 1/2 hrs into it the power cuts. kns. no saves. =_=;; today dad warns me as he walks up the stairs “better save yea.” crap he’s right.

for the empire

seeing my bosses collection, i got my inspiration to draw a stormtrooper.. didnt really want to go for a clean inking style.. so tried for a messy kinda style.. am kinda satisfied with the outcome.. (: had to practice drawing the helmet using references from google images.. and 99% were pictures of cosplayers.. lol. gg.