three hundred.

thats probably the number of days i have missed. :b happy chinese new year. happy valentines. happy thaipussam. happy federal day. happy birthday. work sucks. :b

Shall We Dance?

I say dear chap. shall we dance? simple sketch in photoshop. i got a permanant job (: will be working beginning next week. whew. suddenly i think its way too soon to start. but hey, what better time than now. what better place than here. i think thats a song. :b chinese new year is […]

jingle bells..

its that time of year again.. christmas is here. im feeling a little lazy so i made this little snowman. enjoy. Just kidding! click for a wallpaper. (: happy holidays! 13 more days until my baby lands.. ah.. (: cant wait. ^_^ p/s: anyone hiring a semi-colourblind designer? :b


hand is better now. (: went looking up leo burnett.. found a nice quote by him… couldnt find any pictures of hands and stars so i decided to make my own. *sigh* i still cant colour for nuts. ):


old piece i did last year. pencils + prismacolour markers. cant come up with anything new. so have to post old stuff. :b Reason for celebration.. ir.kiamsiap has hit 1000 hits a month! whee.. a small milestone. >_


ah.. long time no updatey. (: i love the cool lighting effects around the soldier. started out as a sketch and to practice inking. i got the urge to practice after i saw how Gabe from penny arcade does it. awesome stuff. i curi-ed the lighting effect and the shadow style from gabe as well. […]