three headed dog. inspiration came while reading an FAQ for FF7: AC Dirge of Cerberus done in photoshop.. sigh. another attempt to colour. :b dont like the inking that i did. lines too fat. sigh too lazy to change brush sizes. =_=;; fail. the dogs also turned out too cartoonish. sigh. must break that habit. […]


did this for a shirt design. paintball shirt. not a paintball jersey. :b was going for something urban commando-ish. not too good with lighting so didnt really work out well. ): really need to work on lighting. =_=;;

Triple Kill!

ironman! drawn while waiting for my baby in library. done in pencils inks and prismacolours my impression of Jason Lo, after the force of nature concert last saturday.. just couldnt help imagining him jumping off that stage being the fat fella he is.. >_< done in pencils inks and prismacolours drawing of a pink smurf […]

life goes on..

a friend passed away early yesterday morning.. she was too young to go.. arent they always? either too young, or it wasnt their time to go.. no one wants their loved ones to go.. but still, when its time to go, its time to go.. its not those that have passed that we should be […]

a long time

hey there. long time no update. :b been bz with college and stuff. (: this is a digital version of a set of cards im doing for sale in college to raise funds for my club. have some other works in progress but just no time to finish it.. ): oh well. i miss u […]

1 year and 7 days

ago i did this drawing. didn’t get around to inking it.. felt abit sad. now ive got a borrowed scanner i can keep it and ink it with photoshop. click for a slightly larger version. used some references. its the scene where kakashi tests the 3 friends sasuke naruto and sakura by the lake. (: […]


a banana. i dont know why i drew it. been done for some time already but just never did anything with it. haha.. i have some other works that ive done but i cant seem to find em right now. so am posting this.. been bz with exams.. having my finals now. so not much […]