done while listening to Staind – Please. i refrain from making this blog personal. but almost always the pictures that i draw reflect what im feeling. the song helps. alot.

suck it in.

sometimes. you just got to suck it in and walk away. i kinda like the way this piece turned out. got some nice sandy effect.. kinda following O’s technique.. fun in a way cause body proportions dont have to be 100% exact.. something i really have to work on. i also need to work on […]

bagai bintang di surga..

heres some traditional work. pencils+pens+markers. its a sad copy of hyueng tae-kims work from the game War of Genesis 3. i am so ashamed. ): was fun playing with the markers though. (: now i have a ‘stolen’ scanner… haha.. i can keep more of my stuff on my pc. listening to peter pan now. […]


for IF. based extremely loosely on the ‘robots’ in Neon Genesis Evangelion..  technically they are robots.. because you have to pilot them.. but then again they arent exactly robots? :b a simple doodle just to make a post.. >__

spana king

happy belated birthday hing. (: was looking for something to draw today, and couldnt load IF.. so i just did what i usually do.. start with a few scribbles.. and i ended up with this. Spana King. probably took me about 4 hours? had to do some tweaking.. (: no colours. i cant colour to […]


illustration friday.. a spring in my step. wishing someone would come along and put that spring in my step.. (: and maybe bring me herbal tea? right now.. just wishing. ^^ on a more technical note, was practicing the perspective.. hmm.. for colouring i tried doing it the way i do with markers.. messy. haha. […]

sotong goreng

some random doodling on sher’s msn.. and she put it together.. sotong goreng.. mmMm.. i love sotong goreng. (: i used to try and order it whenever i could.. but then its fattening and choc full of cholestorooolololol (i dont know how to spell this word) anyway, playing MS Saga on the ps2 now. its […]