swafsasome. the first word that came out my mouth after i saw what digidoll had done. shes like the fairy godmother in cinderella. with a wave of her wand she turned my skrawny mouse picture into a picasso. owned. it looks so defined now… thanks digi! ^_^

point of view.

a friend sent me an email today. it was entitled “Where theres a will theres a way..” it contained multiple shots of a snail trying to cross a gap.. that got me thinking.. well, its a snail. its got all the time in the world.. if i had all the time in the world. i […]

starting over again..

this was done for illustration friday. its a cool website that gives a topic every friday and anyone can draw or design something based on that word. (: anyhoo, welcome. (: this is the umpteenth time im saying welcome again to my blog@website@comic :b this site will change over the months to come until i […]